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Sally Edwards is a talented speaker as well as a  five-star author and humorist who delivers entertaining and informative presentations.​​​​​ 
  1. "Laugh to Wellness"
    Sally Edwards' hilarious program "Laugh to Wellness" entertains and informs! Sally Edwards, is a professional keynote humorist. This is laugh-to-tears presentation discusses the benefit of laughter on health while making you laugh to tears! Laughter builds community!
  2. Sally Edwards
    Leadership Speaker Humorous Speaker Inspiring Keynote Your Motivational Speaker of Choice!
  3. Laughter and Leadership
    A popular humorist and leadership speaker, Sally Edwards newest book is entitled "Ten Secrets to Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living. Sally's leadership presentation is a delightful presentation that is engaging, humorous and audience interactive.
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Sally Edwards
Speaks at The Romeoville Chamber of Commerce
"Laugh to Wellness!"

We had Sally Edwards as our keynote motivational speaker and humorist for our Administrative Professonal Women's Week Luncheon.  She was so much fun!  She engaged all of our participants and had everyone enjoying the presentation.  Sally arrived in advance and was very organized.  Thank you, Sally, for a funny and memorable day!
Karie Mointgomery, Chairman
​​         Thank you, Sally, for breathing new life into a traditional fundraiser that is 31 years in the making!

​     Pat Winn, Diocesan Director
​Catholic Charities
Comedy Mom! by Sally Edwards

Healthcare Speaker

Sally Edwards is a multi-talented.  She is one of the ​funniest female comedians working today as well as a talented speaker.  Sally's dynamic programs ​"Laugh to Wellness" and "Leadership and Positive Living" are reflective of her positive nature and her ability to interact easily with any audience.  ​​

With a background in "Second City" comedy training and years of corporate entertainment experience on the comedy stage, Humorist and Speaker, Sally Edwards, knows how to capture your attention and keep an audience focused and intrigued.  Sally Edwards is funny!

Whether you are laughing to better health or learning the skills of being a successful leader who understands the benefits of laughter in the workplace,  Speaker Sally Edwards will leave your community buzzing with new perspectives,  information, ideas and fun memories. 

Ideal for corporate luncheons, banquets, all entertainment needs, leadership training, motivational events, meetings and school events.

​​​Leadership Speaker

Ten Secrets to Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living by Sally Edwards
​Motivational Speaker, Sally Edwards, ​ is the author of two five-star books on Amazon.  ​Sally's ​most recently published book, ​The Ten Secrets of Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living ​, is the cornerstone of her very popular ​Leadership ​presentation.  ​Sally Edwards' ​engaging style will inspire your guests and employees as she takes them through the steps of ​leadership​ and ​empowerment.  ​Energizing and creative, ​Sally Edwards, ​ cutomizes her material and includes her guests in her ​motivational ​presentations.  Join Sally on her discovery of ​positive thinking.  ​Leadership builds communities.

Motivational Speaker and Author Sally Edwards

Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards
Motivational Leadership Speaker Sally Edwards
Comedian and Humorist Sally Edwards
Leadership Speaker Sally Edwards
​​Sally Edwards Speaks at Elmhurst Hospital
Leadership and Positive Living
Motivational Speaker

Sally Edwards - "Laugh to Wellness"
Motivational Speaker and Humorist
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Hilarious​ ​Comedian, Humorist and Five-star Amazon Humor Book Author! ​Sally Edwards will have you laughing to tears. Specializing in ​clean humor and clean comedy that can be appreciated by everyone and customized to your event. ​Comedian and Humorist, Sally Edwards,  performs at parties, celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings and banquets and she is a Zanies ​Comedy Club favorite.

​Sally Edwards is a keynote speaker and humorist who performs nationally and has been seen on numerous television shows including A&E's "​​Comedy on the Road", ​​Comedy Central and "Showtime's ​ ​Comedy Club Network." Sally Edwards' energetic and hilarious humorous speaking performances leave her audiences teary-eyed from laughter!

Twenty-five years of ​​clean comedy experience gives Sally the confidence and control needed to make your event a success. Imagine how nice it would be if your guests could enjoy the benefits of clean humor and positive living and leave the event feeling refreshed! Did you know that laughing has both mental and physical benefits which include a boost in energy, a diminishing of pain and a strengthening of the immune system? Feeling great will make your event memorable!

​Humorist Sally Edwards feels so strongly about clean ​humor ​ that she organized the Humorous  ​Speakers Bureau which markets and represents ​clean and funny humorists, comedians and keynote speakers. The Humorous Speakers Bureau now boasts 3000 members on Linkedin!

Sally's ​​humor and clean comedy is ideal for ​women's conferences and luncheons, conventions, corporate events,  ​Christian Comedy outreach, staff appreciation meetings, teacher and hospital events and anywhere clean humor and a fresh positive attitude is appreciated!

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