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Edutainment with Sally Edwards
Books by Sally Edwards
Ten Secrets to Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living by Sally Edwards
Comedy Mom! by Sally Edwards

​Ten Secrets of Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living

​Comedy Mom!

​Would you like to know the secrets to succeeding in ​leadership​Have you wondered how some people effortlessly maintain a positive attitude while others do not?  The answers are here in this book!  The ​Ten Secrets of Enhanced Leadership and Positive Living" ​ instantly invigorates leadership skills and offers positive thinking secrets that will direct you to both your personal and work-related goals.  A must-read!

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​Sally Edwards​ takes you to the ​comedy​ stage with real-life hilarious stories.  Mother of three, Sally balances motherhood and nightlife with compelling tips on how to raise happy, well-balanced children while pursuing your dreams.  A fun-read that inspires!

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